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The University Library is a temple of knowledge and as such a place for learning and conducting scholarly research. Access to Library facilities and its resources is a privilege and must not be abused.

Library users found in violation of Library code of conduct will face disciplinary action.


KSLU Library issues Student ID cards to all students. It remains valid till you are a student and should always be carried while you are on campus.

Students immediately upon enrolling should submit ID Application form along with a copy of Fee Receipt Challan and recent passport size photograph.

The ID Card remains the property of the University and must be surrendered when you suspend, withdraw from, or complete your Course at the University or your enrollment is terminated by the University.

If your Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you should report this immediately to the Library Staff. You can request a replacement Card for a fee.


The Circulation Policy aims at maximizing access to the collections for all the users of the Library.

Students, Researchers, Faculty and Staff are eligible to borrow reading materials from the lending collection of the University Library.

Borrower's Card
Every Student of KSLU’s Law School automatically becomes a Member of the Library and is eligible to acquire Borrower’s Card based on his/her eligibility by paying a refundable deposit. Borrower’s Cards are not transferable. To prevent misuse, lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Library Staff. A replacement card will be issued on payment of stipulated fee.

Lending period
Loan periods vary and are determined by the status of the borrower, type of material and individual collection policy.

Library materials can be renewed as per the renewal policy:

°Reserved items and items on hold cannot be renewed.

°Over- due items cannot be renewed.

Overdue Charges
The University Library levies overdue charges on borrowed materials.

Lost/Damaged books
Users are advised to physically verify reading materials at the time of borrowing. Users will have to pay replacement cost plus administrative charges for lost/damaged items.


A specific number of books are issued to bona fide students belonging to SC/ST category based on income. The duration of the loan period is one full semester.

Students have to return the books at the end of Semester exams.

Students have to pay replacement cost and administrative charges for lost/damaged books.



The KSLU Library provides a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for reading, studying and research. Library users are expected to respect the rights of others.

Library Users will have to:

º Present identification upon request.
º Strictly comply with library policies.
º Adhere to Computer Usage Policy.
º Comply with Circulation Policy.
º Comply with Electronic Resource Access Policy.
º Treat Library staff with courtesy and respect

Library Users should not:

º Behave in any threatening manner, use abusive language or harass other Library Users and Staff.
º Create disturbance with disruptive noise, viz. Loud talking, Group discussions, using Mobile phones or other audible electronic devices.
º Obstruct use of Libraries equipment or facilities or deny access to Libraries materials through theft or deliberate misplacement.
º Leave personal possessions or valuables unattended in the Library. The University is not responsible for a loss of personal belongings.
º Take Library materials from the Library without having been Issued properly. Staff may request users to show the contents of bags at the exit to check for library materials
º Misuse, damage or deface library furniture, buildings or equipment, including computer systems.
º Have food or drink in the Library.
º Allow others to use their nontransferable ID Cards and Borrower's Cards.
º Users should not take photographs without the permission of the Library Staff.
º Take photographs of Library reading materials.
º Fines and charges are imposed on overdue materials and for the replacement of lost or damaged Library materials.
º Charges are imposed for replacement of ID Card/Borrower’s Card.
º Library users are barred from borrowing library books when they have substantial fines or charges outstanding.
º At the discretion of Library staff, users may be asked to leave Library facilities if the users' behavior is incompatible with University Library policies.
º Students have to obtain No-dues Certificate before collecting the hall-ticket.
Library users found violating the Library code of conduct will face disciplinary action.


º Use of computers is allowed only for study and research purposes. Computers should not be used for recreational purposes.
º Use of Library Public Computers is a privilege that depends on individuals using the resources appropriately and in accordance with University Library policies.
º The Library Staff may take steps to regulate the use of Computers during times of heavy demand.
ºStudents are encouraged to use laptops and other personal computing devices. However, it is advised that these devices should be connected only to the wireless network or designated ports. Use of personal equipment should not pose a safety hazard for other users.

Library Computer Users should not:
º Use others account or allow others to use your account.
º Move hardware.
ºCoplay computer games.
ºConnect external devices to the Computers.
ºCarry out personal work.
ºUnplug any computer or interfere with the operation of any computing system.


º Electronic resources (online databases) are made available by the University Library on the basis of License agreements signed with the Vendor.
º Access to these electronic resources is for educational and research purposes only.
º Users of library licensed resources must comply with the terms of agreements.
º Sharing of User Password with others is strictly prohibited.
º Downloading entire issues of online journals, major portions of electronic books and sharing of content is not allowed.


º Library Users have to abide by the Copyright Law. Educational institutions are not exempt from the laws covering copyrights.


ºConsumption of snacks, food, and drink inside the Library is strictly prohibited.


º Photocopying is permitted if adhered to Copyright Law. A charge of Rs. 1.00 is levied per exposure (A4 size).


º Library Users should handle Library equipment with utmost care.
º Library furniture should not be shifted from its specified place.
ºDo does not misuse, deface or intentionally damage the Library furniture.


The University Library welcomes gifts of reading materials relevant to the Mission of the Library and educational goals of the University based on the current curriculum.

Please note that we do not accept:

º Textbooks
º Trade paperbacks
º Popular magazines
º Photocopies
º Newspapers
º Scattered or single issues of periodicals
º Materials in poor condition
º Titles the library already owns
º Audio and Videos
º Obsolete materials
Conditions of Acceptance
º Donations are accepted with the condition that they become the property of the library.
º Location, retention, and disposal of donated material will be at the discretion of the University Library.


º Photography and videography is not allowed in the Library. However, Users may seek permission of the Librarian to click photographs if it is related to a specific event.

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