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"We Collaborate" - all individual talents and erect a team;
"We Contribute" - to the nation, best stars;
"We Conquer" - the world together. OUR WORK

"To bring back the fading integral importance of sports, and to achieve the ultimate goal, K.S.L.U has staidly initiated the sports activities."

The university has conducted various selections, intercollegiate and the university teams have participated in different competitions.


According to J. R. Sherman “The aim of physical education is to influence to experiences of persons to the extent that each individual within the limits of his capacity may be helped to adjust successfully in society, to increase and improve his wants, and to develop the ability to satisfy his wants” It can thus be said that aim of physical education is to provide experiences so that the man is able to adjust in the society and live a quality of life.

  • Physical fitness
  • Mental health and efficiency
  • Social-moral character
  • Emotional expression and control
  • Appreciation
  • Health physical of organic development
  • Mental emotional development
  • Neuromuscular development
  • Social development
  • Intellectual development
  • Organic development
  • Neuromuscular development
  • Interpretive development
  • Emotional development



K.S.L.U has begun its toil in the following areas of sports:

To help children learn to move skillfully and effectively not only in exercises, games, sports and dance but also in all active life situation.
To develop an understanding of voluntary movement and the ways in which individuals may organize their own movement to accomplish the significant purposes of their lives.
To enrich understanding of space, time, mass energy relationships and related concepts.
To extend understanding of the socially approved pattern of personal behavior with particular reference to the interpersonal interaction of games and sports.
To condition the heart, lungs, muscles and other increased demands by imposing progressively greater demands upon them.

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