Final Time Table of June 2017 Examination RV/CV Updated Results of Dec-2016 Examination & Notification for June/July 2017 Examinations

Welcome to Karnataka State Law University


To transform Karnataka State into a legally conscious society, by providing quality legal education that is professionally competent and socially relevant so as to realize the constitutional primordial goal of social, economic and political justice and secure human rights to every common man. Strive to promote the culture of law and justice in the institutions of State, Non-government organizations and every individual by providing informal legal education training and legal service. Above all, inculcate in everyone a spirit of high moral and human values.


 To produce law graduates and post graduates who will inspire and lead the  community by putting 'service' before 'self'. Strive for excellence in professional    legal education. Promote research activities to create basis for making law and  legal  institutions socially vibrant. Spread legal literacy and legal aid to the poor  and needy  with a view to take justice to the doorsteps of common man. Provide  training to the  members involved in the governance of the state, legislators and  judiciary to sensitise  them in matters of law and justice. Above all, work as a  catalyst in inculcating a  sense of faith among people of Karnataka in the  institutions of law and justice to  realize the goals of social welfare.